The Benefit using KSLL

KSLL have economic value, EARTHQUAKE-FRIENDLY tested, as well as the right to use the buildings that stood on the land has a low carrying capacity, hard enough in the lay of the land and the high compressibility of the soil.

  1. Technical advantage The Foundation has a stiffness(Rigidity) are much higher and the monolith made it theFoundation of Friendly and have proven Earthquake inAceh, Padang, Sumatra, Manado and Manokwari.
  2. Plate KSLLdesigned double to plate construction, septic tank, a reservoir, construction, floors, columns and walls.
  3. Rib of KSLL serves to spread voltages or styles that work on the column.
  4. The sand which fill the land were compacted soil serves to clamp the construction for ribs of the fold and twist.
  5. KSLL takes short time for implementation with conveyor belt system and solid works with regard simple and not demanding a high level of expertise
  6. Enrich rib and plate with iron for minimum standard, 100 kg-150 kg/m3 of concrete volume average 0.2-0.45 m3 concrete/m2.
  7. KSLL would become a structural system with very rigid and sturdy and safe from earthquake resistant.
  8. KSLL was utilized the land to afford KSLL serves as the lower structure with the composition, 85% of land and 15% of concrete,
  9. This system was responded successfully to the dilemma that arose on the sub-structure for bear multilevel buildings between 2 up to 9 floors, which was established on the land with low power support. As for the soil condition with high capacity (good) can be used over 8 floors.
  10. Building with using a basement, basement construction costs can be more economical, since the

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