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PT. Katama Suryabumi present as the first company in Indonesia to focus as an agent of development and popularization of technology-based innovation in the safety of human lives and the environment. Patent holder of technology innovations such as Konstruksi Sarang Laba-Laba (KSLL), Jaring Laba-Laba (JALLA), MATRAS, MARGATON, Beton Ringan BERING), Rumah Sehat Instan Sederhana (RISHA), and JATI EMAS.

KSLL Earthquake-friendly technology foundation reinforcement plate has a shape resembling a column of cobwebs. His ability to spread the load to the surface layer of soil supporting a broad and evenly, making it able to eliminate the risk of irregular Differential Settlement. Backed with mass material consisting of 85% soil and sand layering, and 15% of reinforced concrete, the system is more economic, and proven safe for the 9.2 SR magnitude earthquake in NAD and some other earthquakeprone areas.

JALLA Development research spawned derivative KSLL for infrastructure on the airport facilities (container yard, taxiways and runway), ports, and highways. JALLA construction, gives an answer to the cost and time efficiency. This innovative breakthrough comprised of a composite between precast panels rib, plate and filler material.

MATRAS Given some parts of Indonesia such as Papua, Kalimantan, Riau, and others that are not rich in material base pavement/rock, mineral additives MATRAS soil stabilizer system capable of replacing conventional asphalt pavement and concrete. MATRAS road consist of a composite improvements soil, cement, and mineral additives are easy and economical, making it ideal to use for both small and large scale.

MARGATON The damages of highways infrastructure are often reported by the media, did not escape our attention in an effort to protect the safety of human lives. Departing from conventional road construction which always shows a graph of the stability of the road settlement by the time, MARGATON able to provide a solution. Rigid pavement construction with concrete block system knock down (apart pairs), make neatness and strength as a result of damage to highway construction, will remain the same as before.

BERING Seeing the soil characteristics that do not always have a high carrying capacity, BERING replacement of wood pole, able to answer security concerns of the building which was established in the area of soft earthy or peat. Although based concrete, BERING pole has a specific gravity lighter, and able to float like a mother ship on the surface of the ground.

RISHA Tackling the construction problem of general public houses, we joint with Research and Development of Public Works develop an knock down system or manufacturer, which called RISHA. Costs and construction process are easier and lighter.

JATI EMAS In the role as a savior of the earth’s investment, the rampant of forest exploitation also be a our attention. PT. Katama Suryabumi contribute with communities in reforestation efforts by presenting superior seed Jati Emas as a result of Biotechnology Tissue Culture.The growth speed than conventional identity, as well as resistance to pests, not only meet the needs of ecological, Gold Teak also has a high economic value. In collaboration with the experts, we developed Sukun and Surgum Breadfruit plant seeds as world food security solutions.

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