We have lot of superior product that we create as our registered product such as foundation, matras, bering, Knock Down estate, margaton and Teak


Our commitment to kept giving the best innovation to construction technology in Indonesia


The Best of our achievement is contentment and satisfaction from our client

So how does it work?

Greeting from CEO

As part or our concern, various innovations based on human saftety, we developed in an effort to minimize the risk of disaster. For us, innovations is the ability to “Creative Thinking for concern”.

About Us

PT. Katama Suryabumi present as the first company in Indonesia to focus as an agent of development and popularization of technology-based innovation in the safety of human lives and the environment. Patent holder of technology innovations such as Konstruksi Sarang Laba-Laba (KSLL), Jaring Laba-Laba (JALLA), MATRAS, MARGATON, Beton Ringan BERING), Rumah Sehat Instan Sederhana (RISHA), and JATI EMAS.

Vision and Mision

To be the leading Creative Industry Company, a reliable and innovative in the evelopment of environmentally technologies and the salvation of souls and To increase the company values in the field of innovative creative industries with emphasis on team work and mutual benefit, meet the expectations of stakeholders.